1936 Ford Coupe - Classic Ford Car Drawing

1936 Ford Coupe - Classic Ford Car Drawing

1936 FORD

The start of 2007 saw the turning point of Unique Autoart in which the all new digital designs debuted on our online store. One of the earliest models was the 1936 Ford Coupe in Bright Custom Red. This drawing dates way back to October 2007; it was one of my first photo realistic designs. Unlike most of my newer pictures, the background on this one sits half way behind the vehicle.

Probably the most challenging part of this car was drawing the front grill and the small side vent grill on the engine cowling, which certainly challenged my vectoring skills. Creating realistic designs is always challenging as you need to add as much detail as possible, which in this case I had experimented with cloud reflection and detail shadowing. Small things such as the shadow under the lip of the hood and in between each vertical bar in the grills can be tedious but give the design that little more realistic feel.

I wasn't originally planning to include the grass below the car. However, I decided to add it as I liked the reflection in which the plant creates on the body of the car giving the design a more detailed look. The wheels, headlights and sideboard were all quite straight forward to do where as the body colour did take me quite a while to get right. After spending a couple of hours trying to adjust the saturation, it finally worked out. Most monitors are calibrated to their companies specifications so viewing my artwork on your computer screen may not represent the true colour of the design.

Below are a few close up images of our 1936 Ford Design. Enjoy!

1936 Ford Coupe1936 Ford Grill1936 Ford Drawing1936 Ford Illustration


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