Unique Autoart Pty Ltd is a family company located in Melbourne Australia and is one of Australia's premier automotive online art shops showcasing the fantastic artwork of Australian automotive artist Dion Mifsud. Specialising in pencil and digital illustration, it's Dion's attention to detail and drives for perfection that has made him a master of his craft.

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Dion has always had a passion for cars and art, and when he combined the two, he discovered it was the best hobby anyone could have. Dion started drawing cars when he was a young teenager, and later as his skills progressed he would go on to do commissions, from automotive to motorcycles even private jet planes for people in the US and Asia.

After spending many years drawing with pencil and using water and oil paints, it was time for Dion's ultimate challenge to discover the new style of digital art. With plenty of inspiration and help from fellow artists like Jeri Clow, Lemorris Harris and Kristina Magnuson Albrecht A.K.A "Hotrod Kristina" he quickly adopted a new skill and a style of art which he has mastered since 2005. In 2007, Dion along with his wife Patricia would go on to create Unique Autoart Pty Ltd, one of Australia's premier online automotive art stores.

After ten years in business, Unique Autoart continues to deliver excellent products and strives to bring you the best automotive artwork in the country, strongly focusing on American and Aussie muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang, Ford GT Falcon, Holden Monaro and the E38 Charger just to name a few. The business is growing bigger and better each year and celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Unique Autoart; a new website has been created to help deliver the best online experiences for its customer's worldwide. Many hours have been spent developing this site, and we do hope that your experience here will see you back again.

With so many projects currently underway, there is always something new for you to enjoy, so be sure to visit us often for the latest upcoming designs. As an artist and enthusiast, your opinions are very much valued by Dion, so please feel free to email any questions or comments you may have. Known for his hyper-realism and fancy chrome artwork, Dion's automotive art will surely be enjoyed by many automotive enthusiasts worldwide for many years to come

All artwork featured on this website is copyright protected and may not be reproduced without express, written consent of the artist.

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