Unique Autoart - Welcome to our first Blog

Unique Autoart - Welcome to our first Blog

Finally, after so many years, I have found the time and courage to post my first blog. I am hoping that after you have read this post, you will have got to know a little about Unique Autoart and me.

About Me
My name is Dion Mifsud, and I love Wizz Fizz cones, salt n vinegar chips and drawing cars. I am the car artist and founder of Unique Autoart Pty Ltd a small family company based in Melbourne Australia. I have been drawing since I was a child and have always had an interest in cars, so combining the two has landed me the best hobby in the world- well that's what I think :) My interest in art inherited from my mother's side, and despite drawing many subjects through out my life, my favourite was always automotive art. 
I believe my interest in cars came from my dad who introduced me to the world of matchbox cars and Scalextric. My dad was a printer who used to print large size automotive adverts for the three car manufacturers in Australia in the 70's and 80's, Ford, GMH and Chrysler. Over the years my dad would bring some of these posters home for me to hang on my wall, and in no-time, I developed a passion for cars

As I got older and better at drawing, I began taking automotive art a little more seriously doing commission work for many people in Australia and abroad. I remember back then charging $50.00 for a full-colour A2 size pencil drawing, with Derwent and Prismacolor being my preferred pencils. Below are a few examples of some of my early artwork dating between 1996 and 2003

Falcon AU
HR Holden PencilXC Falcon

In 2005 I decided to move away from pencil drawing and attempted my very first digital illustration, a practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creation process, where your computer screen becomes your canvas. After several attempts and receiving help from 3 of the best automotive artists in the USA, I began to get better at this new style, and after my third design, I decided that digital illustration be the way I wanted to go.

First digital Art

Above: My first attempt at digital illustration back in 2005-06

About Unique Autoart
In 2007 after a couple of years of doing digital car drawings, my wife and I decided to form Unique Autoart, and shortly after creating our first website where I could showcase and sell my automotive art. Since forming UAA, we have updated it five times and have over 1500 designs with many projects under way. After ten years in business, Unique Autoart continues to deliver excellent products and strives to bring you the best automotive artwork in the country, focusing on American and Aussie muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang, Ford GT Falcon, Holden Monaro and the E38 Charger just to name a few. 
The business is growing bigger and better each year, and our fan base has increased significantly over the past decade with many buyers now returning and our social media fan base growing each day. In celebration of our ten year anniversary, a new online store has been created to help deliver the best online experience for our customer's. Many hours were spent developing and designing, and we do hope that your experience here will see you back again.


What about when I am not drawing?
Well, when I am not drawing I am busy working full time as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. At the age of 16, I began an apprenticeship with Australian Airlines (which later merged with Qantas), and after 24 years of service I moved away from maintenance and repair and landed myself a job with Boeing Aerostructures Austalia employed as a 787 Dreamline flight control aircraft mechanic.

The best part of my life though is spending time with my wife and three children. Trying to balance my lifestyle these days can be quite difficult at times. However, my family and I always try to find a chance to go away on holidays or do a bit of fishing at our favourite fishing spots. We also love going to watch the football and spending time with family and friends.

What we do at Unique Autoart
At Unique Autoart we strive in bringing to you some of the best realistic automotive artwork in Australia. We have an extensive portfolio of American and Aussies muscle cars where customers can choose. The artwork is hand drawn on the computer using vector line art, and colour rendered in Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Each design takes about 80- 100hrs to complete and then printed on museum-grade 300gsm 100% cotton paper that is acid, lignin, and chlorine free that is guaranteed to last up to 100 years. Our prints are available in three different paper and canvas sizes with custom sizes available on request. We can also add a custom number plates to our car drawings for an additional cost. All designs are printed with the best UltraChrome HDX pigment inks available today using the latest 11 colour large format printers.

The new Ultrachrome ink uses an aqueous (water-based) all pigment ink formulation, to produce prints with an unsurpassed colour gamut that dry quickly to become water and scratch resistance and better UV resistance for enhanced image stability. The new art prints feature amazing quality and ultra-high resolution with superior half tones and optimised ink density.
With so many projects currently underway, there is always something new for you to enjoy, so be sure to visit us often for the latest upcoming designs. As an artist and enthusiast, your opinions are very much valued so please feel free to email any questions or comments you may have. 


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